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"Binoche is amazing"

Little Quinquin

a tv serie 4 x 52' by Bruno Dumont

Actor(s) : Alane Delhaye, Bernard Pruvost, Philippe Jore, Lucy Caron, Philippe Peuvion, Lisa Hartmann

Author(s) : Bruno Dumont

Production : 3B Productions, ARTE France, Crrav, Le Fresnoy, Région Nord Pas de Calais, Cnc, Scopeinvest

Distribution : France: Arte tv
Etranger:Film & Picture

Arte: september 2014

There's a killer on the road
An improbable, screwball and slapstick police procedural focusing on bizarre crimes on the outskirts of a small Channel town in the Boulonnais that has fallen prey to evil, and to a band of young scoundrels led by Li’l Quinquin and his beloved Eve.

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